Amanda Lynn


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We are the makers of the very best gluten-free perogies in Manitoba! We have been blessed to have our own dedicated gluten-free facility and expand our product line. We offer the classics with our perogies, beet borsch and handmade meatballs and new items like our take-&-bake pizza and bacon-wrapped mini meatloaves! We cater to many dietary restrictions with attention to excellent flavour profiles and high quality ingredients. We believe everyone should eat well, love local and say Grace.


All products are gluten-free and most are sold frozen:
Perogies - seasoned potato, potato & aged cheddar, potato onion & dill, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, fresh mushroom medley, potato & "cheese", organic sweet potato & jalapeno, potato leek & thyme, blueberry, extra old white cheddar & bacon, seasonal/limited time varieties
Soup - Beet borsch, Vegetable beef chili, seasonal soup
Cabbage rolls (SHHHHHH) this is still in the works and is top secret. We were thinking we could launch our cabbage rolls at your Christmas market should we be approved. They would be rice and onion and maybe a meat one, maybe ;)
Take-&-bake pizza - varieties to suit meat eaters, dairy free and vegan
Freezer meals - hand made meatballs, bacon-wrapped mini meatloaves, pizza dough
Desserts - fresh lemon slice, peanut butter cup slice, natural peanut butter marshmallow slice, chocolate cereal bars