Angel's Share Cocktail Co


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Our Company launched May 2020 and was founded by my fiancee and I. We have always been avid home bartenders, and wanted to bring, to Winnipeg, a quality cocktail that anyone could make at home with minimal effort. Our products replicate the cocktail bar experience, the only difference being we pasteurize for shelf stability and our customers have to add their favorite base spirit. This means anyone purchasing our product gets hand peeled and pressed citrus, expertly crafted syrups, all hand bottled and labeled by us. Our Craft Cocktail Mixes are designed to pair with a variety of base spirits and promise to bring a sophisticated level of balance, ingenuity of ingredients and attention to detail that would be the standard of any reputable cocktail bar.

Our brand positioning focuses on providing a rotating portfolio of carefully curated products with an emphasis on seasonality both in terms of ingredients and style. Our portfolio will always feature our Classics Collection which remains true to our favorite traditional classic cocktails in a variety of styles. Our Originals Collection will feature signature cocktails we created with a focus on surprising flavor combinations (think Carrot + Ginger, or Celery + Toasted Black Peppercorn, or Cedar Infused Maple Syrup) but places an emphasis on balance and depth of flavor. Our seasonal offerings - Summer, Tiki, Harvest and Winter Solstice Collections offer seasonal ingredients and playful twists to keep our customers engaged throughout the year.

Fun fact, we had conceptualized our brand while on a trip to Kentucky (and bourbon country!) last year, but struggled with what to name our Company. While on a tour at one of the distilleries in the Kentucky countryside, we learned of the Angel's Share - the natural evaporation that occurs while bourbon ages in oak barrels. It was in that moment, surrounded by thousands of well aged bourbon barrels, that we decided to name our Company Angel's Share Cocktail Company. A name that will remain timeless and forever ingrained deep within cocktail culture.

We are passionate about our craft and all aspects of cocktail culture and are excited to share with Winnipeg the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the past decade.


Cocktail Mixes:
Classics Collection: Bee's Knees, Brown Derby, Gold Rush, Mint Julep, Old Fashioned, Tequila Sunrise, Moscow Mule, Sailor's Storm, Elderflower Sour
Originals Collection: Elderflower Old Fashioned, Coffee Old Fashioned, Jus de Carotte, Cucumber Mint Collins, Angelica's Last Word, Apricot Sour, Down the Rabbit Hole, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Never Skip a Beet, West Coast Sour
Harvest Collection: Fall Apple, London Fog Martini, Pumpkin Spice Cocktail "PSC"
Winter Solstice Collection: Pecan Date Hot Buttered Rum, Hibiscus Hot Toddy, (3 Holiday Punches to be named closer to the event. Pending approval from our Health Inspector)
Cocktail Kits: Shaken Kit, Stirred Kit