Dead Horse Cider Company

Spring 2020 Vendor Applications Open // January 20


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In 2016 Burwalde Juice Company purchased a press and began pressing local apples. The abundanct supply of local apples offered the creation of Dead Horse Cider in 2018. DHC struggled to succeed until through relentless lobbying some relief was brought to the Manitoba Craft Alcohol Producers (non beer) in the form of MBLL mark up relief. This recent relief is enabling DHC to continue growth.
We crush local fruits to bring you a unique taste of Manitoba. From sweet apples to tart cherries we craft beverages for your enjoyment.


All flavors of Hard (alcohol) cider available
Sweet Cider (hot and cold)
Apple cider syrups
Apple Cider vinegar (if it is ready)
Apple Cider Caramels
Mulling Spice Bags
Dead Horse Cider Merchandise