Kingsmen Grooming Products (in the Process of Name Change to CROWN & CROSS COSMETICS)


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Kingsmen Grooming Products is a local company specializing in Men’s & Womens Grooming Products. With all Kingsmen products, we don't hold anything back. We spare no expense to build the perfect product that works great for ALL. We craft and design the fragrance to be uniquely personal and of a light base. All Our products are great for ALL skin and hair types, they won't damage your skin or leave a greasy feeling. All our products are natural, hand-crafted and come from small batches to ensure you always get a fresh, quality product at a great affordable price!

We offer a wide variety of beard products, hair products and grooming accessories or, if you prefer clean shaving, We also have an all natural shaving line that will leave you with an shave/aftershave experience you wouldn’t soon forget.


Beard Oils
Beard Balms
Tattoo Aftercare
Shaving Products
Hair Products
Grooming Assessories
Grooming Kits