Leabee Wraps


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My name is Charlotte, I value intentional living, as well as caring for the environment and those around me.

I started this business somewhat accidentally. In an effort to reduce the amount of one time plastics moving through my kitchen, and live more congruently with my values I went on the hunt for a solution.. I found some beeswax food wraps at a local health food store, and decided to give them a try. They worked wonderfully! I was so impressed with how well they kept my food fresh and allowed me to move away from plastic wrap! As a homeschooling mother of three I decided it would b a fun project for us to learn to make some of our own and they had the added bonus of being a wonderful gift for friends and family!

As we worked together playing in the kitchen, developing our recipe (and making a fantastic mess!) we learned about the environment and the tremendous impact that humans have had, particularly since the invention of plastics.

It wasn't long before friends of friends were calling us wanting some of our beeswax food wraps. And so it grew. We created a business name.......an acronym....one letter for each of my children (Leah, Emily, Aaron) and bee for the Manitoba beeswax you find in each and every product.

Now we have been in business for two years and are trying our best to get Leabee Wraps into the hands of Manitobans so that everyone has the opportunity to be free of one time use plastics....particularly those rolling through the kitchen.


Beeswax food wraps in various sizes -
Multipack (set of 3)
Extra Larges

Beeswax Food Bags - Various sizes
Produce Bags (set of 3)
Snack Bags
Sandwich bags
Canvas Lunch bags

Diy Beeswax Wraps Kits