Leashed Up


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Created by myself, Taryn Bailey while trying to find the perfect leash and collar for our new puppy! Made right in my living room in the rural township of Macdonald, MB
Leashed Up makes customizable leashes as well as collars for every sizes dog!
Adjustable leashes are able to be worn hands free to allow for you and your pup to fully enjoy going for a walk or run


Adjustable Leash (8mm and 10mm)
Adjustable Slip Leash (8mm and 10mm)
Standard Leash (8mm and 10mm)
Standare Slip Leash (8mm and 10mm)
Leash and Harness in one (8mm and 10mm)
Harness (8mm and 10mm)
Slip Collar (6mm, 8mm and 10mm)