Patent 5 Distillery


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Patent 5 Distillery produces premium, small-batch spirits in a turn of the century warehouse that once housed the horses and carriages of the Dominion Express Company in Winnipeg's Historic Exchange District of Winnipeg.
Patent 5 Distillery is dedicated to a grain to glass process. Each batch is mashed, fermented and distilled entirely using Manitoba grains and spring fed water. Focused on sustainability cooling water is recycled and reused to minimize waste and spent grain is used by local farmers to feed livestock.


Patent 5 Gin
Patent 5 Vodka
Patent 5 Purple Blossom Gin
Patent 5 Barrel Aged Gin
Patent 5 Navy Strength Gin
Patent 5 New Product
Patent 5 Swag- tees, hoodies, and hand crafted toques.