Spice World of Canada


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Spice World is a family business, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Delos Santos family have been sharing the love of spices since 1997. With twenty years in the business our knowledge and service is what sets us apart from your local super markets. We want to share our love of cooking with our customers, inspire and provide people with the highest quality of spices. Connecting and coming together for the love of food.


Furikake Japanese Blend, Pizza Spice, Guacamole Blend, Chai, Everything Bagel, Peg City seasoning, Coffe & Cocoa Bbq Rub, Memphis Bbq Rub, Kansas Bbq Rub, Chimichurri, Gabe’s Garlic Pepper Special, Herbes de Provence, Chicken Seasoning, Electric buffalo with Ghost Pepper, and BBQ gift set.