The Darling Dough Company


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The Darling Dough Company was founded by Mom and Teacher, Missy Taylor, out of the desire to provide a safe, local and sustainable play dough option for her two young children to play with.

Growing up, Missy fondly remember her grandma, whom they lovingly called Mama, fostering creativity and exploration in all her Little Darlings. Being a creative mind herself, Mama encouraged play in many ways, but Missy's favourite was when she would whip up a batch of homemade play dough for her to play with. What a treat!

Fast forward to today. After leaving her job as a Middle Years Teacher to stay at home with her two kids, Missy discovered a major gap in the options for kid-friendly play dough. Most of the options on the market were full of petroleum based products, synthetic ingredients and fragrance. Missy was looking for a safer, more sustainable option for her own Little Darlings and figured, Mama made it, why couldn't she. And so, The Darling Dough Company was created, with the inspiration of Mama, and her years of showering her Little Darlings with love, and providing them with endless experiences to create!


Five scents of sustainable children's modelling dough:

It's Grapefruit, Darling
It's Mint, Darling
It's Lime, Darling
It's Lavender, Darling
It's Citrus, Darling