The Farmer's Daughter


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The Farmer’s Daughter is a maker of eco-conscious, quality, handmade and homegrown goods! What started as a 14-year-old with 1 hive and a plain old jar of honey quickly blossomed into a delicious line of naturally flavoured honeys and charming yet functional everyday goods. Bailey shares her love for honeybees and how she can utilize what her bees produce, such as beeswax for her zero-waste beeswax food wraps! The Farmer’s Daughter strives to make handmade goods while focusing on natural living and reducing one’s negative impact on the environment.


-naturally flavoured honey
-reusable & zero-waste beeswax food wraps
-beeswax wrap snack pack
-natural fibre reusable produce bags
-market bags
-natural fibre kitchen towels & napkins