Fingernails are Pretty featuring Land of Hands

Pressies are hand-painted, totally unique, and meticulously made sets of press-on nails for safe home application, but with a salon caliber finish! Each set comes with everything you need for application and 24 nails guarenteed to fit everyone and are totally reusable!


Looking for an extraordinary and exciting way to celebrate your next event? LuxBox offers a customizable ball pit and soft play experience which can be tailored to your theme and décor turning any venue into a unique, fun, and immersive experience – perfect for all kinds of events.

Nepali Women's Co-op

Our products are purchased from the Markets in Nepal, sold at the Third + Bird Christmas Market and proceeds go back to Nepal to empower women. Nepali Women's Co-op is a non-profit whose mission is to provide basic needs, education, micro business grants, and disaster relief to women in the Himalayan Region. During the current pandemic, all proceeds are sent to purchase essential food like rice and beans for families in need.

Plant Vitamins

Introducing a new standard in House Plant Fertilizer
100% organic harvested in Canada and hand bottled in Winnipeg

Plant Vitamins has started a new Thrive and Boost program that provides a healthier learning environment for classrooms and support for young entrepreneurs.

2020 Third + Bird Christmas Market Tickets // SOLD OUT 


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